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The Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative is interested in the ways in which people interact with and compose political and philosophical ideas and actions through the various, diverse media of technology and the arts. Participants in PAI seek to explore the ways in which poetry, literature, music, photography, performance and other creative arts interleave with the political and philosophical life, either as vehicles for criticism, elaboration, theorization, intervention or activism.
The Imag-e-nation blog is a forum for interested parties to share stories, images or other contributions. Contributors range from students and faculty to artists and musicians to professional and casual commentators. Pieces can be short opinions, re-postings of appropriate materials, or original compositions. In addition, the PAI at LUC will make a selection of relevant or provocative news items each week for (re)publication here.


Finding Stillness: On Somatic-Informed Movement

Mens sana in corpore sano, pre-Socratic philosopher Thales reminds us.To kick off 2016, let’s find stillness through somatic-informed movement with Natalie Heller, a dancer-choreographer who specialises in a variety of movement techniques in her practice-led research. Ahead of her five-week movement course at LAK in Leiden later this January, Natalie has found a moment to introduce her exploration
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Washington D.C. – the World’s Political Playground

A guest commentary by Sien van der Plank, who is enjoying her semester abroad at the University of Richmond and extending her spatial explorations of politics as play in the United States.Tourists are often reprimanded for gawking, photographing and getting in the way of business and ‘normal’ life wherever they wander. However, in their clumsiness lies their skill: they don’t see normal life
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Playing with Space: Creative Utopias in St. Petersburg

From Taiga's courtyard to Etagi's terrace, St. Petersburg, as with Moscow and Yekaterinburg, has seen a proliferation of communal art hubs in the past few years.  Mansions and lofts are being converted into creative spaces by young idealists seeking an alternative to commercialism and commodification, towards community and collaboration for artistic and social ends.  Sien van der Plank, a
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A Postlude to NSS2014: Arresting Activism

Political Arts meets Journalism during LUC students' recent run-in with the law at the Nuclear Security Summit on 24 and 25 March 2014.  Rebecca Streng, Year 2 student at LUC, reports!To quote Aernout van Lynden's first rule of journalism: "never get yourself arrested." Of course the best way to do this is to film an illegal protest during the Nuclear Summit from close-by. On the first day of
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Reflective triptych on "Suppose it's true after all, what then..."

Performance as Scholarship students at LUC share their thoughts on installations after an excursion to GEMAK's exhibition on the cross-fertilisation of art, culture and fashion, with a focus on the process of research and the connections between image communication and identity. © Maddi McMurrayBy Maddi McMurray, 3rd-year LUC student:In Clare Bishop’s piece “Delegated Performance: Outsourcing
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Ciphers: Theatre for Thought

Political science is the handmaiden of the nation-state; political arts reclaim politics for the people. ~ Political Arts Manifesto, Statement 3“The people”. A whole. Bound by whom, bound by what? On the basis of our humanity perhaps? If so, what defines us as humans if not our physical features? Knowledge upholds our thinking about the Self, and communication our relation to the people. Yet sometimes
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