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Justice in the city? Evidence goes on trial this coming Thursday

Brought to us from our friends at See You In The Hague:

Susan Schuppli - Evidence on Trial
Conference and presentation 
Thursday 2 October 2014
15:00-17:00 hrs: conference at The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Sophialaan 10 
17:00 hrs: opening presentation at Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9
What happens when media and other non-textual evidence enter into legal proceedings as ‘material witnesses’ entrusted with the task of testifying to history? This is what Swiss-Canadian artist Susan Schuppli (Goldsmiths, University of London) researches in her project Evidence on Trial, using documents from the archive of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).
Schuppli's presentation at Stroom includes videos, photographs, aerial footage, diagrams, floor plans, models, and maps marked by witnesses. The opening is preceded by a conference at The Hague Institute for Global Justice where she is the key speaker.
This event and exhibition are free and open to the public.  See further details and register here.



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