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What dreams may come

Video still from Six Suns by Chai Siris

The fifth edition of Home & Away, a bi-monthly evening program at West which explores the locus and concept of home alongside the meaning of being away, took place in The Hague on 10 January 2015.  Featuring three videos by Thai artist Chai Siris, the guest bedroom on the top floor of the gallery hosted transient visitors who, bound by curiosity for and love of contemporary art, huddled in this relaxed setting in bated silence around a television screen which revealed various dreamscapes at once foreign and familiar.

According to the curators of Home & Away:

When we were organising this event 'The Dream', it felt natural for us to invite Chai to show his films Four Seasons (2010), Jazz (2013), and Six Suns (2014).  Here in this supposedly private place, the dream is formed as aspiration, the sleep state, and the intersection of past, present, and future.  For us, Chai's works drift through the spaces that we have found hard to talk about or to down.  We feel these spaces rest on the edge of a dream, the moment just before a dream forms.  Whether it's a construction worker resting by a waterfall, a figure sleeping on a bed, or the light catching the edges of a palm tree, we found ourselves floating through these spaces, whether they are distant or at home.
As the artist's camera shifts from light to shadow, with images exposed through a surreal colour palette conjuring a sense of daydream (in Six Suns) as well as captured to maximise the saturated tones of a tropical climate indoors and outdoors (in Jazz and Four Seasons respectively), a heaviness looms beyond the frame, over the soft chirping of cicadas and the gentle trickling of water, and makes its presence palpable in moments of boredom, rest, and play--


The lèse-majesté of Thailand only appears once in the set of three films but speaks through the ennui of the dialogue-less characters in Jazz, the zombie-like drifting from rote activity to restrained repose in Four Seasons, and the spectre of a watchful gaze gradually towering over an idyllic romp in the park in Six Suns. In the artist's own words:

Last year I often dreamt of a big fire which was engulfing the trees in my garden. . . They are almost all gone, and I fear that there will be none of them in the next dreams to come.  Sometimes there is a visual cut to the king, he came to say goodbye.  The political situation in Thailand is like a nightmare now; the military took control over the country.  I want to wake up from this dream but I can't, I feel like there is a ghost sitting on my chest, closing my eyes with its hands.
Video still from Four Seasons by Chai Siris

Estranged from one's homeland, at home in a dream, displaced by nightmare, making peace with alienation, agitating for understanding...such are the themes which underpinned the organic discussions arising amongst the strangers gathered at West last night.  May these critical conversations keep company with 2015.



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